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About Us

Charleston Bridal Tours is the inspiration of Mary-Margaret 

Mary- Margaret has cultivated a mature appreciation for domestic and international culture.  The daughter of an Air Force officer and a teacher, Mary-Margaret grew up living and traveling to different places throughout the world, meeting many unique people and experiencing different cultures.  Having a mother from New York and a father from both California and Georgia, Mary grew up Irish dancing, playing the piano, and eating enchiladas, hush puppies and cream corn.  She grew up hearing stories about how the Irish saved civilization, how her great grand father came to Ellis Island from Sicily, and learning that she had ancestors who fought for both the Confederacy and the Union during the Civil war.  Her favorite subject in school was always history.

Mary-Margaret graduated in 2006 with a degree in history from the University of Florida, and it only elevated her love of travel. She’s taught at the university level in Toulouse, France and was an exchange student in Finland.  She joined AmeriCorps to teach Irish dance, drama and creative writing in Albuquerque, New Mexico and has lead thousands of carriage tours in the heart of Charleston.  All of the places she's been and all of the people she's met have helped Mary-Margaret realize that she will never feel more at home than in the Holy city.  "I am in constant awe of all the men, the women, and the buildings that have stood their ground, and made their statement for one generation or ten.  She has been a registered tour guide in Charleston since February of 2011, and began Mary-Margaret's Walking Tours in June of 2012. " ~ Erica Carter

Today Charleston Bridal Tours is keeping on in the tradition of Mary-Margaret's Tours with guides hand picked by her to share in the romance that is Charleston!