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To Take a Tour with Mary-Margaret...

Simply call or email me and I will be in touch soon!  All tours are limited to 20 guests, so that is why reservations are so important!

The Tours...  

Ladies of the Lowcountry, begins directly in front of the Pink house at 17 Chalmers street in the French quarter.  The tour will end in the private courtyard at a quaint local gallery, Coco Vivo, located on Broad street (with refreshments!) Rich in history, the Pink House dates back to the early 1700's and was once a tavern!  

The Bridesmaids' tour begins in the gazebo at White Point gardens, where Meeting street dead ends into South Battery, and ends with wine of the bridal group's choice in the private courtyard of Coco Vivo.  The Bridesmaids' tour is now offered daily, by appointment.  Call now!

 2 Graveyards & a Cocktail begins in front of St. Philips Church, located on Church street, two blocks south of the Market.  Both St. Philip's and St. Michael's Graveyards and cemeteries will be explored with interesting parks and the Huegenot church along the way! The tour will end at the Blind Tiger, located on Broad street with a cocktail of your choosing.  Tours are offered Monday through Saturday by appointment.  You can book between 9:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. 


The Lowcountry Tour

Mary-Margaret's traditional tour, the Lowcountry Tour, explores St. Michael's graveyard, makes its way down Meeting street past South Carolina Society hall, and on towards the Cooper River.  Walk along the sea wall and see the view of Fort Sumter, where the Civil war began, hear about the families who lived in Charleston throughout the Colonial, Revolutionary, and Antebellum years.  You will see the graves of men who signed the Constitution, and hear about females who were writers, nurses, gardeners, and more.  Scandals of the past are explored on this tour, especially the mysterious death of Harriette Mackie and the family her mother thought was behind it.  End the tour in the private courtyard of Coco Vivo Fine Art gallery, and also a part of the famous Gallery Row.  Come be a part of the Lowcountry Tour!  Call to make reservations today.  This tour is offered daily by appointment and is approximately 2 hours.  Prices are $22 per person.  Ask about group rates!  





Ladies of the Lowcountry Tour

Ladies of the Lowcountry, begins at 10:30 a.m. daily and is approximately two hours.  Prices are $22/adults and $12/children.  Reservations are required.

The Bridesmaids Tour

The Bridesmaids tour begins at the gazebo in White Point Gardens, and is approximately an hour and a half. Prices are $25 and there is never a charge for the bride-to-be!  Reservations are required.  Wine included!  Tours offered daily anytime between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. by appointment!

Payment Methods

Payment methods are currently in the old fashioned form!  Cash or South Carolina checks will both be accepted at the end of tour!

Come experience Charleston with Mary-Margaret whether it be on her Ladies of the Lowcountry, her Bridesmaids tour, or 2 Graveyards & a Cocktail!
She looks forward to meeting you and yours!